SEO Help For Dental Sites

There are very few professions in this day and age that are able to escape the influence of the computer. If you went into dentistry because you'd rather focus on the hands-on work of filling cavities or taking tooth x-rays, we're sorry to say that you will still have to develop a certain level of computer skills if you want to be successful. Most people find their dentists online these days, comparing prices, services, and even the personalities of the staff to choose which clinic they want to patronize before ever stepping foot into any of them. If you're not online and easy for people to find, you're losing out.

The first step, of course, is to bring your dental practice online by building a website. A few years ago that was all you really needed to do, but today simply being online won't cut it. You're also going to have to learn some dental SEO tricks to help drive traffic to your site, because you can be sure your competitors are doing in. SEO, or search engine optimization, means making sure search engines bring up your site first when a user searches for something relevant to your services, such as 'tooth cleaning in whatever town you live in.' The higher you are on a search engine's results page, the more customers are directed to you.

You can achieve an optimized page in one of two ways - by becoming proficient in computer marketing yourself or by hiring someone to do it for you. Learning isn't actually all that hard, but it does require a continuing time commitment that you may not be able to make. Improving and keeping your page ranking means always expanding your network of links, updating your site content, researching what people are looking for, and building keywords into your content. If you hire someone to do this for you, you might end up paying over $1,000 per project and $100 per hour for updates, but you will be able to track the results of the improvements to see if they're worth it to your business.

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