Almost everything expires at some point, whether it's your memberships to fitness clubs in Toronto, the milk in your fridge, or the allergy medication you got at the drug store. Some expiration dates are more serious than others, and many people believe medicine expiration dates are just a money grab for drug companies. But before you consume something that could potentially harm you, you should know how to find the expiration date and what the consequences of taking a medication that is expired are.

Prior to 1979, medications were sold with no expiration date, which created the impression in the minds of people born before this time that medicine never went bad. When government regulations changed and bottles from Cosmetic Dentistry Coquitlam started coming with stamped dates on them, many people chose to ignore them, taking medication long past the expiry date. While medicine doesn't rot, it does lose potency and become unsafe after a period of time. This is the date manufacturers print on the bottle.

However, manufacturers tend to err on the safe side to avoid getting sued by people who take expired medications, so studies have shown that many medications are safe to use as much as 15 years beyond their expiry dates. Many doctors will tell their patients to go ahead and use expired medication to save money on their weight loss programs in Richmond Hill, so if you take some allergy pills that are a few months out of date, you should not expect to drop dead of it, though you may experience a certain lack of effectiveness as the medication degrades.

Certain drugs used for breast implants in Toronto and serious illnesses, such as tetracycline, insulin, nitroglycerin, and liquid antibiotics, do become harmful or useless after a certain point, so before you take anything (especially a prescription drug) that has expired, phone your pharmacist. He or she will be able to tell you whether or not the drug is safe to take and what the consequences of taking that particular type of expired medicine will be.

If you wish to be on the safe side, don't take expired headache pills as you try to catch your husband cheating. Simply buy smaller bottles and discard the extras when they expire. This will ensure you have the most effective, up to date formulation of the medication even if it does mean that the pharmaceutical companies get more money out of you.

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