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Whoops! You forgot to use a fire sleeve when you were picking up something hot and now your hand is all pink and sore. Do you need to go to the doctor? No. For this and many other minor injuries and illnesses, over the counter (or OTC) medication is all that is needed. For more information on what over the counter means, where you can buy over the counter medication, and what medications are considered over the counter, you can read this article.

The name "over the counter," which is sometimes shortened to OTC, comes from the fact that these types of medications do not need to be stored behind the pharmacist's counter. This means they do not need to be regulated as closely as the pain meds you were taking after your rhinoplasty. Medication stored behind the pharmacist's counter needs to be prescribed by a doctor, meaning you will have to go for an evaluation before you can have it. Over the counter medication can be bought by anyone.

So what are some types of over the counter medication? Well, a lot of people who develop headaches from working on their ACH merchant accounts will go to the drug store to buy an over the counter pain medication such as Aspirin or Tylenol. Other common types of medications sold over the counter include antacids (for heartburn), decongestants (for stuffy noses), antihistamines (for allergies), medicated drops for sore throats, vitamins, anti-bacterial creams, and anti-diarrhea medications.

Many of the medications that are stored behind the counter are stronger versions of the medications sold over the counter. Painkillers, for example, are over the counter unless they contain a narcotic ingredient such as codeine. Therefore if you find that over the counter medications are not improving the injury you got renovating your Toronto loft condo, you should see your doctor for a prescription for something stronger. Other medications, however, such as blood pressure medications and birth control, are never sold over the counter.

So where can you buy over the counter medications? Just about anywhere these days. When you go into the electronics shop to buy a program to make spyware for cell phones, you might even find painkillers and antacids at the cash. Most department stores have a medication section, but for the best selection you'll want to visit your local pharmacy. The pharmacy will also have pharmacists on staff who can recommend a medication that will alleviate your symptoms if you're not sure what to buy.

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