Whether you're a cosmetic dentist in Oakville or an ex-patriot living in Spain, chances are you are not immune to illness and injury and at some point will have to seek medical treatment. Hospital emergency rooms are often clogged with non urgent cases brought by people with no family doctors so for cases that are urgent but not an emergency, you can end up waiting for hours to see a doctor. In cases like these, a visit to an urgent care clinic may be in order.

Urgent care clinics are private medical centers where doctors and nurses provide care to patients who need treatment urgently but are not in grave danger of losing their lives (i.e. whose cases are not emergencies). Patients who need urgent care are generally able to get up and walk around, but cannot wait a few days or weeks to get on their Vaughan dentists regular doctor's schedules. Examples of urgent cases include needing stitches, broken bones, or having food poisoning. These clinics deal with patients on a walk-in basis, as you cannot predict when you will have an accident.

Urgent care clinics are not like hospitals, in that they are often not open 24 hours a day, so before you visit an urgent care clinic you should call ahead to see if it's open. If it's not, you'll have to go to the emergency room. The great benefit of the urgent care clinic is that you will be seen much faster than if you had to make an appointment with the doctors who do nose jobs in Toronto or if you had to go to a hospital.

Urgent care clinics are all different, but most have basic x-ray and surgery capabilities so that they can deal with cases of moderate severity, such as a child who has swallowed a toy or a bone break that has pierced the skin. If you have any doubts about whether your adverse reaction to weight loss programs in Mississauga is urgent or an emergency, go with emergency just to be safe. In Spain, the number to call for an ambulance emergency is 112.

Before you visit any new medical practitioner, whether it's a physiotherapist in Toronto or an urgent care clinic, make sure it's covered under your health plan. Spain has government health insurance like Canada does, but as a visitor or ex-pat you will likely have to buy private insurance which may or may not cover a visit to an urgent care clinic.

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